Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and thank you for your purchase.

Please take a moment and review the following in order to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning products by Nefekalum Tattoos.

Please note that products released beginning in 2022 are primarily BAKES ON MESH ONLY + MATERIALS, rather than offering full appliers for all bodies. All bodies we support have updated to support Bakes on Mesh and in the interest of remaining current with the forward momentum of changes in-world, we have altered to suit the majority of users and what they are utilizing on the grid. The FAQ below will help answer common questions concerning materials appliers and how to best get them to work on your body. If you do not see your body in this list, it is not a body that we officially support and test our products on and therefore we may not have the answer to your question or ability to properly help you troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.

♦♦♦Head/Body Support♦♦♦

You must be using a head/body that supports materials in order to use these tattoos to their full potential. They will still work with an Omega compatible mesh, but you may find you are missing out on the material effects built into the designs. I have included Bakes on Mesh tattoo layers, and have included materials-only Omega appliers in order to combine the use of Bakes on Mesh with materials effects. Note on Materials-Only appliers: This feature may not work on all bodies and heads depending on how they are updated and how things apply to certain bodies. Our tattoos are guaranteed to work (as labeled in the advertisements) on the following:

Heads: Catwa (Bakes on Mesh + Catwa Materials Applier), Lelutka Evolutions (Bakes on Mesh + Lelutka Materials Applier), Lelutka Evo X (Evo X Layers + Lelutka Evo X Materials Applier)

Bodies: Belleza, Maitreya, Legacy, Slink Redux, Signature (As far as we are aware by using a combination of Bakes on Mesh + Omega. Recent updates may make this information invalid.), eBody Reborn (Bakes on Mesh + eBody Materials Applier).


In order to fully see and appreciate the materials, you must be sure that you have Advanced Lighting Mode turned on in your graphics preferences. If you are looking to achieve any color effects that may visible in the ad, please attach the projectors included using the right-click > add function.

♦♦♦Belleza Jake Users♦♦♦

There are two versions of materials-only appliers offered in the tattoo pack for Omega Evolved. In order for materials-only to show on Belleza Jake, please use the materials applier that is labeled either “Tattoo Layer”, “Tat Layer”, or “Tat.” This will apply the materials onto the Jake body. This applier may also work on other bodies that are not currently capable of applying materials on a dedicated materials layer. If you are clicking the “Tat Layer” materials and not seeing them appear on Belleza Jake, please be certain that you have Omega installed on your body as well as Advanced Lighting mode active in your viewer.

♦♦♦Genus Users♦♦♦

Using facial tattoos with materials will cause an eyelash alpha glitch on these heads. Please use the “Remove materials” option at the bottom right of the tattoo applier in order to correct this. We do not currently support Genus and will be unable to provide adequate technical support for these products.

♦♦♦Catwa Users♦♦♦

Catwa materials appliers are included with face cosmetics to achieve materials effects when these effects are relevant for the face. Please note, many times these effects will appear more subtle on Catwa than they will on other heads. To utilize, please put on the Bakes on Mesh layer, then use the Catwa applier to apply the materials. (If there’s no Catwa applier in your pack then it has been judged the tattoo isn’t reliant on it to be seen at its best.) You will then need to manually alter your gloss settings using the Master Hud that comes with your Catwa head.

♦♦♦Lelutka Users♦♦♦

Lelutka Origins heads are the original line of heads offered by Lelutka. These heads utilize Omega and as such, the face tattoos that are labeled “Omega Applier” will apply the tattoo to these heads. Lelutka Evolution heads have been optimized for use with Bakes on Mesh. In order to use our tattoos with these heads, you will first wear the Bakes on Mesh layer provided for the tattoo. Afterwards, in order to use the materials you will find the Lelutka Evolution Materials applier for that face tattoo, wear it, and then click to apply the materials via the hud. As of update 2.5 for Lelutka Evolution heads, Omega is no longer supported for materials. Please use the Lelutka specific applier to use materials with these heads.

With the 3.1 update of Lelutka heads you will find that the previous “materials only” appliers will not apply to the mesh any longer. That is because the 3.1 scripting has been updated. All products released by Nefekalum since the release of the update included a Lelutka Materials CLASSIC version that can be used for materials if you are running in classic mode, as well as Evo X materials for those who are running on the Evo X mode.

We are not currently offering mass updates to older products to compensate with this update, but if any ARE updated it will be announced in our Discord server and in group notices so that customers can go request a redelivery from the terminal. Please understand that it takes a lot of time to do mass updates and we only have limited time if we are to continue releasing new products for our customers to enjoy.

♦♦♦Slink Redux Users♦♦♦

You will find an applier labeled Slink Redux in order to use the materials element offered by Nefekalum tattoos in combination with the Bakes on Mesh design. Just wear the tattoo layer, and then use the applier to apply the materials on your mesh. If for whatever reason you notice materials are not applying to the hands and feet, please attempt using the Omega materials applier included in your product to gain materials effects on these parts of the body.

♦♦♦Maitreya Users♦♦♦

Please use the Bakes on Mesh layers included in your purchase and then use the Maitreya materials-only applier also included (where applicable).

♦♦♦Legacy Users♦♦♦

Please use the Bakes on Mesh layers included in your purchase and then the Legacy Materials Applier. You must use our applier huds in order to apply the materials to your mesh. You will not be able to access these tattoos through the Style Hud. Older products include full tattoo appliers for Legacy rather than materials-only. All newer products since we have learned how to create materials only for Legacy include that option. All older products will need to use the legacy appliers in order to apply both tattoo and materials to the body if the full effect is desired. Otherwise, for the base tattoo design just use the Bakes on Mesh layers included with the product.

♦♦♦Aesthetic/Nimarynth Users♦♦♦

We do not currently offer support for the Aesthetic body. Omega appliers provided by Nefekalum Tattoos will not apply to these bodies, as the only Omega support offered seems to route to clothing layers and will not apply any hand tattoos that may be included with any particular design. There is nothing we are able to do about this at present. We advise that you demo our items thoroughly before purchasing in order to avoid purchases you can not correctly use on your chosen body. If this changes in the future, we will update this section of the FAQ.

♦♦♦eBody reborn Users♦♦♦

Nefekalum support for Reborn is currently limited as we are new to offering material appliers for this body. In order to remove the materials from your body after application, please select “Reset Body” from the top right of your body hud in order to erase them.

♦♦♦I applied materials-only and now I can’t get them off! What do I do?♦♦♦

If you cannot seem to get the materials to remove from your mesh, please stop by the main store location and grab our materials erasers. Free boxes of appliers that will work to remove materials on several bodies are available, though rest assured, most bodies and heads have a reset option on their master hud that will remove the materials for you without needing this extra step.

  • If wearing Lelutka and for some reason the materials eraser does not remove the materials from your face, please look in your master hud under settings. There will be an option to reset/repair materials. Click that and it will set the materials back to the head’s default settings, removing any custom materials that had been previously applied by the tattoo.
  • On newer Lelutka heads, the easiest way to remove materials (since the materials erasers will no longer work on the newer and updated heads) is to go into your head’s skin tab on the hud (it will look like the outline of a face on the top left of your master hud) and choose one of the default material settings. It will overwrite what was previously applied.

♦♦♦I click the applier and nothing happens. What do I do?♦♦♦

  • Please make certain that you have Omega installed on your mesh if you are using the Omega applier. If it requires you to wear a relay to apply Omega to your body, make certain you are wearing the appropriate relay.
  • Make certain you are using the correct applier for your body/head. Double-check the hud name to make sure you are wearing what you need.
  • If you are missing material effects, make certain that Advanced Lighting Mode is active in your graphics settings.
  • If your graphics settings are correct, try using the “reset to default” option on your applier to restore the tattoo materials to their original settings in case something has accidentally been altered.
  • Make certain you are using a mesh that supports Omega. For example, if you are using a Lelutka Evolution head, the standard Omega applier will not apply the tattoo. You must use the Bakes on Mesh layer and then the materials applier.

♦♦♦I have more questions. Can I message you?♦♦♦

While I am more than willing to assist with problems and questions, my time is increasingly limited. As such, for technical and customer support please visit our main store and click on one of the signs listed under “Support” near the entrance. One of our team will then respond as quickly as we are able. Please be patient, we promise we will respond to your query as soon as possible. Also consider joining our Discord server and placing your question in the “need assistance” channel. The discord invite code can be found in my in-world profile.

Thank you and enjoy our tattoos. We appreciate having you with us!

Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith)
Nefekalum Tattoos